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Multi and Other Pet Charities/Rescue Centres

At Sams Species Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary
We will take in most reptile species big or small that need a new loving home

County: Northamptonshire

Tel: 01604 589040

R.S.P.C.A. official website

click here

Somerset and Dorset animal rescue

Please rehome a animal in somerset and dorset soon animals need you.

We hope that by visiting our site you may be moved to help us help the animals that pass through our centre.

We are a family run organisation and rely heavily on the goodwill of the public.

Being located in Wincanton Somerset we are able to take into care animals from across the whole of the South West of England.

Our aim is to help all kinds of animals in all kinds of distressing situations.

We save animals from a wide range of life threatening circumstances,homelessness,starvation,abuse and neglect.

We are totally apolitical and non-judgemental and take animals in any condition and for any reason.Our only concern is the immediate welfare of the animal and it's subsequent rehousing.

The publics generosity has helped to heal and find safe,caring homes for many animals including dogs,cats,rabbits,chickens and horses.

Any animals that are rehoused are fully vet checked, and where ever possible,neutered and microchipped.

Please help us continue this vital work and support us either by donation, rehousing or simply spreading the word.

Visit our website:

Please shop here this will help our charity

Animal All Sorts - Charity located in Birmingham rehoming dogs and cats in the West Midlands.

The Fernwood Trust Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue Aberdeenshire

Giving help and advice Across Scotland and the UK.

We have a small wildlife hospital and animal sanctuary

Any help greatfully received.

Please Visit our website

Wyre Forest Animal Trust

Our purpose is to aid low income pet owners to have their animals neutered, this way unwanted kittens and puppies do not become the next generation of animal cruelty statistics. We also take in 'unwanted' pets and place them in foster homes until a permanent home can be found for them. For the foster carers, we cover the cost of food and any veterinary bills. We are also carers for rescued hedgehogs and other small wildlife in the local area. If you find a hedgehog or other small wildlife in trouble and need advice or help, please contact us.

OUR WEB site

Charity registration number 1118948

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre rescue and rehome cats, rabbits & guinea pigs.

Every year CRRC are asked to take in approximately 1,500 animals, but unable to due to lack of space. With our wooden cat pens reaching 20 years old they desperately need replacing and extending, so we can help more animals. This project is known as The Viv Eadon Project, after a great friend and dedicated volunteer who suddenly passed away at a young age of 52. Each pen is designed to be easy to clean, hygienic and very hard wearing. The building will consist of 45 pens (each housing 2-4 cats), a new vet room, recovery room, an intensive care unit, 2 large pens for our golden oldies, reception, feed and sluice room. The amount we need to raise is 300,000.

visit us at

RSPCA Coventry Animal Centre

Brownshill Green Farm
Coundon Wedge Drive

Tel: 024 76 336616

Appeal hotline 0870 850 5449

Visit our website:

charity number 223678

Currently fund-raising to rebuild the centre.

Need to raise over 600,000
to replace the worn out kennels and small animal unit.

PAWSS (Pet and Animal Welfare Support Service)

We are an animal rescue based in Aberdeen run by a small group of volunteers. We predominately take into care small animals and run a rehoming register for larger animals, birds and wildlife. We have a non destruction policy. Many small animals stay in permanet care. We rely soley on donations.

We offer support for animals with behavioural problems, nurse sick and injured animals. We support other charities/rescues in there rehoming efforts.

Please contact direct by calling Mobile: 07761 927493

Small pet rescue (hamsters, Gerbils etc)

can take your unwanted small rodents and re-home them (even unfriendly ones!)

Space sometimes available for rabbits and guineapigs.

Syrian and Russian Hamsters currently looking for good homes.

All guaranteed friendly.

County: North Somerset

Please contact direct by calling Mobile:07838 164352

LAST CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE Registered Charity No. 1002349

We rescue animals of all types, some waiting destruction in Welsh pounds others handed in to us for whatever reason, good or bad. We provide medial care, food, shelter and love for them all and ultimately find them loving homes. if for any reason things don't work out we always take them back. We inoculate and worm all our animals and ensure they receive any medical treatment they may require. We also neuter as many of our animals as possible, new owners of any un-neutered animals are bond by agreement to carry out this vital task at the earliest opportunity. Every eligible dog, cat or rabbit leaves our Rescue Centre with 6 weeks free insurance from a leading company, new owners are then given an opportunity to extend such cover by subscribing to the scheme. Our staff are always available to give advise on training or behavioural questions and are there to assist if needed.

We operate a non-destruction policy.


LAST CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE CENTRE was founded in 1986, its aim being to rescue and re-home unwanted and abandoned animals. We take in all creatures, from cats and dogs to equines, livestock and wildlife. Our kennels are constantly filled from two main sources: local escue dogs, and the Welsh 'pound dogs' saved from their death row sentence. For many it truly is their Last Chance.

Our services

Our new veterinary surgeon checks, worms and inoculates all animals, and operates a rigorous neutering policy, as we strongly believe this makes a happier pet and is the most important way to reduce the escalating problem of pet overpopulation. We also indenti-chip all our dogs and offer this services for all our cats. We have a non-destruction policy, except on humane grounds and a system of individual home checks before any animal is placed into a new home, along with follow up visits to ensure the animal has settled. Our adopters sign a legal document declaring to give the best possible care, and to ensure that the animal is neutered at the earliest opportunity if this has not already been carried out, we always take back any former resident if the adopter is unable to keep it, thus ensuring future security for any animal entering Last Chance.

Your Help

Your support and enthusiasm is desperately needed to enable us to continue saving and improving more lives.

Due to our increasing success finding loving homes for around 10 cats & 15 plus dogs per week we now need to find home checkers in all areas to help us improve our system further. If you think you can help please telephone either of the following numbers for more details/information pack.

For all enquires telephone Last Chance on 01732-865530
or Helpline on 01227-722929 both UK numbers.


Small voluntary rescue in South Yorkshire, saving dogs and cats dumped in pounds and finding them a new loving home.

Please visit our website and see the lovely dogs in need of a new home.

Tel: 07946 618011

Pets As Therapy

rspca blackberry farm

rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, degus, chipmunks
and other small rodents looking for homes


all animals have a set adoption fee

please phone for more details Tel:0870 0101 852

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Just one of the local branches:
R.S.P.C.A. Tameside and Glossop Branch
Animals for re-homing in the care of
MyPetStop (Denton)
M34 3SG
Tel: 07050 264 531 to make an appt to visit

Visit our website:

Could you adopt a shelter pet?
Have you lost a pet?
Do you need to rehome a Pet?

Pet education should start at an early age

A free service to pet lovers Nation-Wide

P.O. Box 762
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Visit our website:


Animals in Distress Sanctuary
Run by people who care, supported by people who care
Give the animals a new start in the new Millennium.

Looking for a new or replacement pet?
Please call direct Tel: 0161 775 2221 We may have just what you want!

Pennisfield Farm
55 Silver Street
M44 6HT

Telephone:- 0161 775 2221
Emergency:- 0850 605283

 Animals in Distress Sanctuary
Silver street, Irlam

Leach Farm
Swaindrod Lane
Blackstone Edge
OL15 0LE

Telephone:- 01706 371 731

We now offer Bed and Breakfast Accommodation at the Littleborough sanctuary

Sanctuary Addresses

Please mention Animals in Distress Sanctuary
in any correspondence

Animals in Distress Sanctuary

International Fund for Animal Welfare
Protecting Animals and their environments worldwide

Please visit our website:


Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

We rescue animals that have been neglected or are now unwanted.
Many animals available to adopt.
Horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, goats, sheep, even cows sometimes.

South Yorkshire Area

Contact direct by calling Tel: 01226748632

Or visit our website:

Or send an e-mail to:

Animal Sanctuary Asheldham, Essex

A non profit making privately run animal sanctuary set up by Fiona Oakes in 1993. The sanctuary provides care and a home for life to over 160 animals.


Please feel free to visit our website

The BUAV was established in 1898 and our mission statement reads:

"The BUAV opposes animal experiments.
We believe animals are entitled to respect and compassion which animal experiments deny them.
The BUAV campaigns peacefully for effective,
lasting change by challenging attitudes and actions towards animals world-wide."


Offer of Help for Unwanted Reptiles and Small Animals

Rescued and cared for
Please do not abandon your pet
If you are unable to care for your pet for whatever reason
I will endeavour to find a home for it
Or will care for it myself until a suitable home is found

North Yorkshire Area

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 07719 437435


This site is for everyone interested in Animal welfare
Directory of Rescue Sites in the UK
Homes offered and wanted etc.


Furry Rescue Shelter

We need cages, bowls and bottles to house homeless furries.
We also desperately need foster homes for pets while we seek a permanent home for them.
Please help us help the Furries

County: Cardiff

Please contact direct by sening an e-mail to:


Willows Animal Sanctuary in Scotland

Registered charity
Home to over 300 rescued animals


Willows Animal Sanctuary in Scotland

Registered charity
Home to over 300 rescued animals

THISTLE CAVIES, Based in Perth

We rescue and rehome guinea pigs in scotland, We always have piggies available for adoption to loving careing homes. Advice and aftercare are available If you need help rehoming your piggies for any reason please contact us via our website as we may be able to help

Please visit our website:

Swansea Small Animal Rescue

"ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A NEW COMPANION? Contact us!! Swansea Small Animal Rescue works to resocialise and rehome at-risk small animals."

Visit our website:

Help Fife Animals

Help Fife Animals is registered Scottish charity, working in Fife to help domestic animals in need. We are a small but dedicated group of animal lovers, who foster homeless animals in our own homes, until a suitable permanent home can be found.

Visit our website for more information

International Otter Survival Fund

Visit our website

ARC (Anglia Rehabilitation Centre) is an animal welfare organisation. ARC is based in Norfolk.  However we will take animals from the all areas of the UK.

ARC rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes all and any animal brought to us.   Any animal too sick, old or abused to be re-homed stays with ARC, and is given a Quality of Life.  ARC is non profit making, and all monies donated, or given in sponsorship is spent on the animals in our care.

ARC is looking for volunteers to help with horses, farm livestock, dogs, a variety of small animals and birds.

ARC is also looking for sponsorship and donations in money or kind to help us continue our work.

Please contact direct by calling Mobile: 07930 849 741

Or send an email to:

Wildlife Aid is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife. We are one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centres in the U.K dealing with over 12,000 wildlife incidents a year and we desperately need your help.

Find out more about us and what you can do to help our native wildlife by clicking here


I am an experienced animal carer in Swansea, South Wales, catering to unwanted and/or neglected small animals.

I am willing to travel to save lives!

100% No-Kill Policy!

We provide a secure and loving environment for at risk small animals, re-homing where possible.

Contact: (01792) 419 891

Or send me an email:

Guardian Angels Organisation UK

Providing Pet Placement
and Sanctuary , In The Event
Of Your ILL Health,
Hospitalisation or Death

Please visit our website:

Farplace Animal Rescue
UK animal rescue and also the National Animal Sancuary Alliance

Please visit our website:

Home and Abroad Animal Welfare

We are a small organisation based in Fleet, Hampshire which travels to Sri-Lanka four times a year in order to alleviate the suffering of the street dogs and cats.

We are very fortunate to have the help of a caring vet who has made significant changes in many animal's lives.

Our main problem in Sri-Lanka is the vast amount of stray dogs roaming the streets. On each visit, we spay and neuter as many dogs as possible and educate the locals about the clinic which provides free treatment for mixed breed dogs.

We also do educational talks in the schools in order for children to become aware of how to care for their pets. Mange is another problem in Sri-Lanka and many dogs are born with mange. We can help by injecting the animals to kill the mites which cause the mange.

We also vaccinate against rabies and operate on numerous dogs with tumours. Similarly, we treat dogs with fleas, tics and worms with supplies which we bring with us on each trip.

In order to fund our trips, we fundraise every weekend by doing car boot sales and street collections but we are always in need of veterinary supplies such as Lactal, dog food sachets, wormer, dog shampoo, flea spray, tweezers, flea collars, antiseptic lotion/talc, Dettol,etc.

Our next big project is to buy land in Sri-Lanka in order to build a compound for the stray dogs and eventually re-home them to caring families. At present, there are no shelters in the area in which we work which makes it difficult to carry out aftercare for the strays which we treat.

We are also looking for like minded volunteers to come to Sri-Lanka and help treat and care for the street animals.

If you are interested, please contact:
Home and Abroad Animal Welfare
39, Albert Street
GU13 9RL

Or call us on Tel: 01252 629044

Or send us an e-mail to:

Thank You!



Rabbit and Guinea Pigs Animal Charities/Rescue Centres

I take in rabbits and guinea pigs and will find new loving homes for them I am based in machester

Please visit our website:

Hi I have been running a rabbit/guinea pig sanctuary, for almost two years now.

There has been ups and downs, tears and joy, however we are currently able to provide adequate shelter/run to any desperate distressed owners out there needing our help, love,cuddles and trust for there animals 24/7

If in need please contact me on (01406) 351019



South Lincolnshire





CONTACT US ON 01368 864606



Hoppys Haven

Hoppys Haven is the home of Mongeham Small Animal Sanctuary in Deal, Kent. We care for mostly rabbits and guinea pigs, but also other furry animals. A number of these have long term health problems that are catered for on site with the support of a very patient local vet. The sanctuary is privately run from our own home. Any donations are always welcome, particularly of bric-a-brac, or any unwanted animal items including hutches, runs etc.

Vaccinated holiday lodgers welcome

Our website, is under construction

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01304 374574

Or Mobile: 07974 053092

Or send an email to:







We are a guinea pig rescue and holiday home

We take in all unwanted guinea pigs and try to rehomed them
We also care for clients guinea pigs whilst they are away or unwell

6 Northdown Road
East Sussex

Please contact direct by calling Mobile: 07956 630096

Or please leave a message on our answer phone Tel: 01273 512248

Or send an e-mail to:


Sanctuary in Bath Somerset

We have Rabbits and Degu, babies and adults
All looking for good homes
We provide care information and always do a pre home and after rehoming inspection.
We have currently run out of guineapigs and now have a waiting list
We are always desperate for donations of runs and cages and hutches
Please contact the Sanctuary for details of animals, or to make a donation
or to ask us to do a rescue for you
We take all things furry
And are currently seeking a chicken house and run

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01225 405169



Rabbits and Guinea pigs given a good home
Must be free and you must be able to bring to me
I will offer a great life long home
For any unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs

Reading, Berkshire Area

Please contact direct by calling Tel:01183766377


Rescued Rabbits, Guinea Pigs
And sometimes other furry critters!

Registered with National Rabbit Aid a Registered Charity
Please help me to help them

Chesterfield, Derbyshire Area

Donation appreciated

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01246 455887


need forever homes!

South Tyneside Guinea Pig Rescue
Always needs caring pet homes
For the many unwanted piggies we are asked to take in
All ages usually available
Approved homes only
Please note, we are not breeders

Tyne and Wear (North East England) Area

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 0191 4550135

Or send an email to:


Offer of loving home for RATS



Please contact Sue Perry direct by calling Tel: 01582 867464

Or  Mobile 07589 306914

Long Term member of the Tortoise Trust
Can offer good homes for unwanted tortoises
Or will foster long or short term free of charge
Excellent indoor/outdoor accommodation
Fullspectrum UV lighting and infra red heating
Also willing to purchase adult female hermanns tortoise if in good health
18 years experience of tortoise ownership
Inspection welcome
No animals resold ever

Cheshire Area

Please contact Sue direct by calling Tel:   07940 173822

Or send an e-mail to:

Bird Charities/Rescue Centres

Willow's Parrotdise - Parrot Rescue is the UK's only Hands on Parrot Rescue Service. Willow's Parrotdise is a charity and a non-profit making voluntary organisation that does take part in all aspects of our rescue work. At times we have paid to purchase birds to stop suffering. We offer Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, Rehoming, Education Services & Exotic Bird Boarding.

We do take unloved, injured or unwanted parrots. If you require any help or advise regarding parrots, we do offer a free service and can call you back on a landline numbers. For Exotic bird boarding we do charge a fee, but all proceeds go to the charity towards other parrots.

As a charity we actively campaign against profiteering over the welfare of Parrots. Good breeders often invest a great deal of time and money in breeding and the welfare of parrots, these are people that should be proud of what they do. We are not campaigning to lower parrot prices, but more for the welfare of parrots.

Parrots do socially bond, do need lots of care and attention please consider this before buying a parrot or splitting a pair of parrots.

We do ask for donations of cages, food, toys, towels and food safe storage containers. We do charge an adoption fee to cover the cost of food and veterinary treatment but nothing else.

We currently are self funded, we do not have a charity number because we are exempt, if you have further questions, please contact me or the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

County: North Shields, Tyne & Wear

Please contact direct by calling Mobile: 07709 165354



Large indoor accommodation
With attached greenhouse
Offered as free accommodation to any unwanted Quails
Or other ground birds
Don't let birds loose
Think of their future and allow them to live the rest of their lives in luxury!
Possible pick up within a 50 mile radius

Luton, Bedfordshire Area

Please contact Jennie direct by calling Tel:  07932 675742

keld parrot rescue offers indoor and outdoor accommodation for a wide variety of parrots where they will have a caring and permanent home living a life as natural as possible.

Specialist diets will be cared for.

For more information regarding rehoming your parrot

Tel: 07742339866 or 01931 713234

E-Mail -

Gentleshaw wildlife centre and bird of prey hospital

Open to the public
A small, family owned sanctuary
For unwanted and miss treated captive birds of prey
reptiles and exotic animals
Everything from Pumas to Kinkajous, Snowy owls to Monkeys
Bird of prey experiences available

Donations always needed

Registered charity

Please visit our website at

Bird & Small Animal Rescue

Bird & Small Animal Rescue is a small voluntary organisation, that relies on donations and a small charity stall at cheddar market and carboot to keep it going. at the moment we can only take in only small animals eg: snakes, rabbits, birds,etc but we are looking to move to a propity with more land so we can take larger animals.

If anyone would like to help us out with donations etc,

Please contact us on: 0117-3777073

or via email

or write to:
Bird & Small Animal Rescue
37 HighGrove
Sea Mills

Thank you!

Cage & Aviary birds taken in.

Large planted outside aviary with heated birdroom, & variety of indoor aviaries & large cages. (Leicester) Able to collect from anywhere in England.

I also have a variety of contacts for rescuing, fostering & rehoming other animals. Please let me know if you have any animal to be rehomed & I will try & help.

Please contact if you have a bird that needs to be rehomed.
Rebecca on 01162 229619 or


Fish Charities/Rescue Centres


Based in Sheffield and take in all fish offered to the rescue. At the moment the rescue homes
1 very large pacu(fruit eating piranha)
1 red bellied piranha
1 red tail catfish(14inch long)
1 10 inch clarius catfish
1 oscar (10 inch)
and about 60 species of small tropical fish
including salt water marines and coldwater fish

The RSPCA phone regular bringing in fish and tanks that have been neglected
RSPCA registered and they can be contacted on 01302 719790

County: Sheffield

Please contact Richard Holland at Fish Rescue by calling
Tel: 01142 507611

Or send an  email to:

No fish are refused a home and none of them are resold

Richard has been a fishkeeper for 15 years and also offers a water quality testing and disease diagnosing test.

Fish Rescue is a small charity offering a rescue and rehoming service to unwanted fishes and related equipment.

Our 800 square foot Fish Rescue centre near Chesham, Bucks can accommodate tropical, cold water and marine fishes.

Working with government departments, charitable organisations and members of the public our rehoming team offers a permanent home for even the most challenging of species.

We are often looking for more members to join our rehoming team (subject to home visit) to enable us to further our work.

Please visit the website for more information

The Fish Orphans relocation and rehoming scheme relocates unwanted fishes and aquaria nationwide to hospitals and retirement homes where they are maintained. All fish nationwide are accepted, though we have our main storage tanks in London.We are IFOCAS Federation members band are supported by many volunteer bodies.

Visit our website:

Our services are free


Ferret Charities/Rescue Centres

Fife Ferret Rescue Offers a non-judgemental re-homing service for un-wanted ferrets.

Ferrets surrendered to us will be cared for in a home environment prior to re-homing. All homes will be vetted and approved before ferret is placed.

Please contact direct by calling Tel:01592 749084

Or send an email

Fife Ferret Rescue

Fife Ferret Rescue is Non-profit organisation committed to the welfare of these delightful pets. Free advice is offered to owners regarding their ferrets, we also take un-wanted ferrets until good pet homes can be found. Please note: we do not have any ferrets available for adoption at the moment. We are non-judgmental and understanding, and realise that circumstances can change, so please call us if you need help finding new homes for any ferrets you can no longer keep. Please don't abandon.

County:Fife, Scotland

Please contact direct by calling Tel:01592 749084

Or send an email to:

Chase Ferret Rescue

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOOD HOMES FOR STRAY & UNWANTED FERRETS. We offer help and re-homing facilities for any ferret in need. We neuter all adult rescued ferrets before re-homing. We offer help & advice for new & current owners on all aspects of ferret care. We also offer a ferret boarding service. We are available for PR events (fetes, schools, carnival parades etc.). All funds raised for the welfare of ferrets.

Contact Angela or Chris Tel:01889 570469
07967 192120
(Please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP)

Or visit our website:


Rats & Rodents and small animals

Charity (reg no. 803364) in Bedfordshire.

We rehome dogs, cats, rabbits, guineas pigs and other small mammals.

More details of the charity and our work can be found on our website:

Please visit

Shadowrat rat sanctuary is a small, home based sanctuary located in Norfolk. I take in unwanted or abandoned rats and give them a loving, permanant home.

I have owned rats for 13 years, and have a great deal of experience and knowlege.

Old rats, or those with behavioural problems, are a speciality.
Aggression/biters not an issue.

All rats remain here as members of the family and are not rehomed on or passed on to any third party.

Donations much appreciated. Prefer if rats are brought to me, but can travel in emergency cases to pick up.

Rat advice also given.

Please call 07753193009 or 01493650163

Hamster Sanctury

County: London

Visit our website:

Or contact direct by calling Mobile: 07757 258171

Babyboos Hamstery
Scotland UK

No kill hamster rescue
baby and older hamsters of all species
(Syrian, Campbell's and
Winter White Russian Dwarves, Roborovski and Chinese)
regularly looking for new homes.
Can collect/deliver accross mainland Scotland and Northern Ireland by arrangement.
Donations of unwanted equipment gratefully received

Minimum donation required please - NO SNAKE FOOD

County: Scotland wide by negotiation but prefer pickup from Edinburgh Junction 1 M8

minimum donation to rescue required only

Email to:

Member of The Hamster Society please join
Please visit our website:


Tracy Hart set up Rodent Rescue in Leeds

To stop the many rodents and rabbits being put too sleep, dumped or just unwanted
We are small and always on the look out for good homes for:
Rabbits, rats, mice, gerbils, cavie, hamsters
And the odd other rodent species that come needing shelter
We do not breed and home checks are required
If you have a large cage (min 1m in height)
And you don't need it and live near Leeds we would love it

Phone 0113 2621640 if you can offer a home

or email



Good home waiting for unwanted ratties
Never to be rehomed
With me for the rest of there lives
Home vetting welcomed

County:west midlands

Please contact direct by calling Tel:07811 395221

Or send an e-mail to:

Essex Guinea Pig & Rat Rescue

Registered Charity: 1086639

The aim of our centre is to find loving homes for guinea pigs and rats whose owners are no longer able, or willing to care for them. A full back up service is offered and care sheets are available for each of the species.

Unfortunately not all of the animals are available for rehoming; many of the elderly, infirm or sick will stay at the centre for the rest of their natural lives.


Telephone: 01702 551164


Cavy Rescue

We are a small Kent based rodent rescue called cavy rescue
We currently have some 70 rodents needing good homes.

Contact Us 07957 610666




Tortoise Animal Charities and Pet Rescue Centres


I am a Tortoise Trust registered re-homer
And can offer permanent, caring and loving homes
For land tortoises of all species / ages
No tortoise is accepted for sale or trade for financial gain
Written (Tortoise Trust approved) transfer agreement
No charges, free advice
I have access to excellent veterinary care
Tortoises are either rehomed with me
Or to homes which I have personally visited and approved
Or who are currently Tortoise Trust registered rehomers
Care and follow up visits
If you have a tortoise needing a new home
For whatever reason, please contact me. No obligations

Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, London - and further afield

I am based in Brighton

Please contact Jane Nicoll direct on Tel:   01273 263396 (work)
or 01273 773744 (home)

Or send and e-mail to:

Cat Charities and Rescue Centres

Cat Action Trust 1977
Central London Branch
Covering Central, South West and West London

Please visit their website:
Cats In Crisis is a new charity group, based in Lincoln. We are all local people, our sole aim being to aid the needy cats of Lincoln in any way we can. We are a small concern and as such do not have limitless resources, but we do what we can, whenever we can. We make no profit and all money raised goes straight towards improving the life of a cat or kitten. Every cat or kitten we take into our care is treated for fleas/mites and wormed. Any necessary veterinary treatment is also given. We neuter all cats over 6 months of age before re-homing. We are also able to offer advice if you need it in order to ensure your cat gets the very best care you can give them.

Another service we provide is to keep an up to date lost and found register covering the Lincoln area

ARC Animal Rescue & Care (registered charity no: 1095004)
PO Box 46 Twickenham TW1 1WG

Cat & kitten adoption - 020 8894 4508
Cat & kitten re-homing and rescue 020 8607 9902
General & Dog enquiries 020 8607 9902
Rabbit & guinea-pig enquiries 020 8755 1807

Email address:

We re-home & rescue cats, rabbits, guinea-pigs & occasionally dogs, within the areas of SW London, Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames & Surrey/Middlesex borders.

Further information can be found on our website



We are a no.1002349 based in Edenbridge KENT

We rescue dogs and cats every week that are facing destruction in Welsh Pounds.
All the animals are then health checked, wormed, inoculated, given hearty meals, warm kennels and stacks of TLC.

We then find them all new and loving homes. We carry out home checks to ensure happy endings and have a full neutering and non- destruct policy.

Please come and visit our website

Cat Action Trust 1977
(Registered Charity no 801245)

PO BOX 1639
London W8 7ZZ

Aims: Cat Action Trust 1977's policy is to help feral cats by limiting their numbers through neutering and returning to site, and by finding homes for kittens and tame stray cats.  The charity is totally against killing for expediency and is entirely run by volunteers.



Ann Dickinson and Paul Furness
Based in Whitley Bay, North East England
Have a website that includes facts about
The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) and all profits from the sale of their diaries go to the PDSA.

Please visit our website:

Please visit their PDSA page by clicking HERE

Hounslow Animal Welfare Society





Aristocat Rescue Registered Charity No. 1098383

Rescues and rehomes, stray and unwanted cats and kittens.
Contact details:- Aristocat rescue
PO Box 124
Newton Aycliffe

Telephone 01325 300290


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The Moggery Rehoming Centre Registered Charity, Bristol, UK (No:   1070330)

The Moggery Rehoming Centre is based in Bishopston Bristol UK and rehomes starving, lost and abandoned cats and kittens.  All the supporters and helpers are unpaid, and all monies raised go to the cats in our care.

Last year The Moggery rehomed 111 cats & kittens.   Our policy is to neuter, (if not already done), microchip and vaccinate all cats coming into care.  We also care for feral cat colonies by trapping, neutering and rehoming the kittens, and trapping, neutering, medically treating, and feeding the adults.

Donations to Ms C Bayka, The Moggery Rehoming Centre Charity, Longmead Avenue, Bishopston, BRISTOL BS7 8QB, very welcome.

Visit our website

The Moggery Rehoming Centre Charity



The object is to provide a rescue service in the community for stray and feral cats and kittens, and to support owners who have found that keeping a cat is no longer possible because of change of circumstances, in which case, the cat is in need of immediate fostering with a view to re-homing. We try to respond to any cat related problem presented to us, as quickly as possible, either directly or by giving information; and we have an effective and efficient re-homing system, to avoid long and unnecessary confinement, and to have a policy of Non-euthanasia, unless in the best interests of a very sick or injured animal, where no veterinary treatment could be offered to alleviate the suffering in which case it would be kinder to think otherwise.

News Flash
The good news is Newmarket Cats has been granted charity status, and our Registered Charity Number is: 1089460

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01638 750920

or visit their website:


Dog Charities/Rescue Centres


People And Dogs Society (PADS) is a registered charity which runs telephone advice lines for dog owners with problems. We run our services on a shoestring budget and with the help of volunteers.

We need people willing to:
*become members - just for £10 per year you can show your support and help us provide our services
*organise fund raising or awareness raising events on our behalf

If you are in the West Yorkshire area you can also:
*help at events - come along to our fundraisers and help out behind the scenes (you can often enter your own dog as well)
*consider becoming a Committee member to help run our charity (requires attendance at monthly meetings held in the evening)

Please have a look at what we do, and contact us if you can help.
Debbie 01977 678593

Bull Terrier Rescue

Absolute Bull Terriers was set up to help all Bull Terriers that are down on their luck. We are a group of willing volunteers who dedicate our time to rescuing and rehoming Bull Terriers in the UK

Visit our website: Click Here

We are a small greyhound charity we would like to register

Visit our website:

Cornwall & South Devon Boxer Rescue

We are a small newly registered Charity no 1139146 dedicated to rehoming boxer dogs.We operate out of Cornwall, St Blazey and Torbay areas at present and have a small network of loving fosterers who help with the rehoming and care of boxer dogs.

We have a forever sponsor scheme for our oldies who need medical treatments and also many ways to help fundraise on our website
Please consider a rescue boxer as a new addition to your family
Contact direct by calling Tel: 01803 846071


Wiccaweys Rescue Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs website. Wiccaweys are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs.

Dogs Trust

Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust, formerly known as the NCDL, has always campaigned on dog-welfare related issues to ensure a safe and happy future for our four-legged friends.

The health and happiness of every dog is at the heart of all our efforts and we try to find each and every dog in our care a loving home for life.   We never destroy a healthy dog.  See  Rehoming to find your nearest Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre.

Visit our websit

Anti-Docking Alliance

B.A.R.K. Bullmastiff & Neapolitan Rescue UK
(Charity No. 1050742)

For advice and/or help on rehoming your faithful companion, or adopting one of these magnificent breeds please contact us.

We have been operating throughout the UK since 1995 and are a registered charity.

Loving suitable homes always required. Most of our dogs are aged between 12 months and 7 years of age, so if your choice is a puppy please consult the Kennel club for a list of recognised and reputable breeders.

Telephone BARK on; 01248 470080

or Email


People And Dogs Society (PADS)

Offering free information and advice about dogs

Visit our website:

Ted Kewley runs Lancashire German Shepherd Rescue

Takes in abandoned, unwanted, negleted German Shepherds from around Lancashire, always looking for caring GSD people who can adopt/foster a gsd, ring 07754156189

Sheep Dogs needing new loving homes

Natalie Lewis has found the following information regarding house trained sheep dogs.

A lady called Sue Jones is house training sheep dogs which were initially affected by the foot and mouth crisis and were going to be put to sleep.

If you feel that you can offer a loving home to one of these dogs please feel free to contact Sue Jones via the RSPCA at Westmorland who will pass a message on to her.

Please contact the RSPCA at Westmorland on 01539 736036


R.O.V.E.R. Dog Rescue West Midlands

We are a small, local non-profit making dog rescue group
We are all volunteers
We will take in and care for any unwanted/homeless dogs/puppies, mainly small/toy breeds
We do not use kennels, all of our rescues are cared for in our own homes
All are wormed, fully vaccinated and neutered (if old enough) before they are rehomed
We have a strict vetting policy for potential adopters
R.O.V.E.R. has a non-destruction policy
And where necessary dogs will remain in permanent foster care

We need responsible, loving permanent homes for our rescued dogs and puppies

West Midlands/Birmingham areas

We also desperately need more foster homes

Can anyone help?

Please contact direct by calling Lesley on Tel: 0121 420 1703

Or Sue on Tel: 0121 429 2930

The Dog Rescue Pages

'All-breed' dog-rescue centres and organisations throughout the UK are listed here and grouped by region. Breed-rescues are listed separately by breed. In all, nearly 1000 contacts have been included so there's sure to be one near you.

Visit our website:


Donpipique Canine Whelping and Hand Rearing Clinic

Help is now available to save your sick,weak,orphaned and rejected puppies
From single puppies to whole litters taken in with love
Fading puppies can be saved with individual attention
We are never closed to needy puppies
We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Advice and encouragement freely and confidentially given
From many years (and sleepless nights)
Experience in understanding the needs of pregnant and whelping bitches and new born puppies
Ambulance service to all locations
All accepted case subject to Non-liability agreement
Please contact for more details
Or just phone for a chat about your concerns
About any problem you may have with your dogs
The clinic has staff to give caring advice on almost any subject
Remember you never know when you may need us
So put our number in your phone book

Cambridgeshire Area

Telephone Number  is   01780783842

The E-mail Address is:-

Greyhound Rescue Kennels Urgent Appeal

Following recent flooding of our Greyhound rescue kennels we are desperate for help of all kinds. Fund raisers and people to sell raffle tickets are needed desperately
We need blankets, quilts and any dog bedding as ours were unusable after water damage
Could you donate any of these items to help our dogs stay warm?
We are very desperate for HEAT LAMPS as we have recently acquired a generator but no money to buy these much needed lamps following recent massive unexpected expenses.
We have many older dogs and they need warmth now winter is upon us.
Do you have any spare heat lamps or can you help in any way?

Ring Mandy on 01327 830250 or 01327 831224
If you are an individual or a firm who could help in some way.

We have about 30 dogs in our care at any time.

Thank you.

Samoyed Rescue UK

The Samoyed Rescue is fully supported by the Samoyed Association
It aims to rehome Samoyeds in need across the UK

Please contact Mrs. Chris Haynes (Rescue co-ordinator) direct on Tel: 01258 471425

Or visit our Webpage at



We are a no.1002349 based in Edenbridge KENT

We rescue dogs and cats every week that are facing destruction in Welsh Pounds.
All the animals are then health checked, wormed, inoculated, given hearty meals, warm kennels and stacks of TLC.

We then find them all new and loving homes. We carry out home checks to ensure happy endings and have a full neutering and non- destruct policy.

Please come and visit our website


The Hampshire Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

We are in need of permanent loving homes
And temporary foster homes
For Staffordshire Bull Terriers of all ages

Hampshire Area

Please contact us direct by calling Tel: 01252 512574

Or send an e-mail to:


Horse Charities/Rescue Centres


Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary
Based in South Wales

Rehoming nationally, the sanctuary has all sorts of sizes of horses and ponies looking for their new homes.
References and donation required, join the forum to see the current animals.
Visit their website:


Sanctuary for donkeys and mules in Scottish Borders.

Beautiful small country estate on banks of the River Tweed
providing peace and security for the animals.
Weekend visits at 2pm each day to meet the animals.
Sponsorship scheme provides necessary funding.

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01835 823468

Canterbury Horse Rescue Centre

We are a reg. charity 1101452 and we are a Equine welfare centre. We take in all equine from all over the UK.

Please contact direct by calling Tel: 01233 740730

Or visit our website:


The New European Distressed Donkey Initiative


We are a donkey welfare organisation
With sanctuaries in Cornwall and south-west France
We raise funds through the sale of gifts
And our very popular "Adopt a Donkey" scheme

Please come and visit our website:


Horse Aid, Care and Knowledge

A sanctuary for mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys
Based in Wrexham, Wales, UK
The charity is solely dependent upon fund-raising.
Visit our website to find out how you can help by adopting one of our horses, ponies or donkeys.

Mare & Foal Sanctuary
Kindness, Care & Knowledge

"To rescue and provide care for and prevent cruelty and suffering among horses and ponies that are in need of attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, ill usage or other like causes and to provide temporary or permanent homes for such horses and ponies."

Hamlyn's Cottage, Old Exeter Road, Chudleigh, South Devon, England, UK. TQ13 0DX

You can email us at

You can telephone us (UK +44) (0)1626 853085

You can FAX us (UK +44) (0)1626 853033

Please visit our website:

Ada Cole Rescue Stables

Broadley Common
Nr. Nazeing
Waltham Abbey

Telephone: 01992-892133
Fax: 01992-893841

A Charity established for the rescue, care
and protection of neglected, ill-treated or distressed
horses, ponies, donkeys and mules

International League for the Protection of Horses

The main international horse rescue is the ILPH

Please visit our website by clicking on the link below

Another rescue centre is HAPPA
Horse And Pony Protection Association
(At this stage, no other information, sorry)



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