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Feedback and Customer Comments

Here are just some of the comments we have received from Customers who have placed adverts with us.

please would you be so kind as to remove my ad as all kittens have now been sold .thank you very much for advertising my kits for me ..ive had loads of calls and do appreciate this's a great service and would recommend you to all my friends .
Code A1510.Thankyou for a wonderful service ,I have now sold the kittens i had advertised with you ,(Bengals) Kindest Regards Christine Smith .
hello thank you for removing it.. the response was overwhelming at least 25 calls.. and still ringing.. michelle
Elvis - British Blue
Thanks to you he has been successfully re-homed to a wonderful new owner. I had received several calls about him which proves how popular and reliable this website is. Thank you so much.
I had a great response, seems your site is well used. I will definitely use your site again. A Lamb, Northumberland.
the interest from your site was very effective got daily calls constantly until yesterday when we thought we better take it off as it was doing our head in there was so many thank you, very good site for putting cats on.
Many thanks for your free advertising,had a great response. As a result i have managed to find a good loving home for our Staffordshire Bull Terrier. If i require your assistance in the future, i will certainly use your service again. Highly recommended site! Kind regards. A Corbett

I gave my puppy to people who found me on your web site. I had a few responses from other web sites and an awful lot of response from the paper 'Loot'

I found the people who came to me through your site seemed very animal orientated and also have horses.

Many thanks for your help. A very good site. Jennie

Just to let you know that I have now found a kitten, she is a BSH Silver Tabby and absolutely gorgeous! Please remove my ad from your website. Many thanks

Thank you. Because of the advert I put in for the chocolate labrador dogs, they have all gone to wonderful homes. Please could you now remove advert no; A1404. Many thanks Sarah

Thank you so much for allowing me to place a free ad on your site. With your help, I have managed to successfully re-home my two cats to brilliant new owners. I shall defintely recommend this site to people who looking for pets/re-home pets. Kind regards Sanvir

Can You Please Remove My Advertisment For Two Male Labrador Puppies as they have both been sold , And may I take This oppotunity to thank you for the use of your brilliant Website. Best Regards Jan Payne

Just to let you know that all the Giant African Landsnails have gone to good homes. Many thanks for the service, could you now remove my advert. Many Thanks. Andy
Ref:- A1131

Please can you take off the advert for the black Labrador puppies as they have all been sold.  Thank you very much for your help and I will contact you again soon with another advert. We sold nearly all the puppies to people that had seen the advert on your web site. Thanks once again. Nina 

We are getting a wonderful response to the advert that we recently placed on your site and wish to express our gratitude for that. Rick Webber, The Plaque Shack

Thank you for your wonderful service. I advertised my two dear yorkies for rehoming and received many, many replies.

I have now found a loving home for them which would not have been possible without your service.

Thank you once again

Thank you so much. I just wanted to let you know that as a result of me advertising on your site I have got good homes for all three of my kittens. once again thank you so very much, I can't believe that it all happened so quickly. Glynis Thornton
Thank-you for helping me find a good home for my pet hamster - I advertised him about a week and a half ago, he has already found a home now.  It was horrible to part with him but I am sure the new owners will look after him well.  Please can you remove my advert - I believe it said he was a long-haired golden hamster with free cages worth 75. Thank you. Angel

hi Just to let you know, I have sold harry who was advertised on advert no.A1122

thanks for your help, will gladly use your web page again. bye for now

Mrs G Melici

Ref A1147

I placed and advert with you. Thank you very much for the use of your Web Site the advert can now be removed.

Thanks again for all your help, it was definitely worth doing. Miss Cox

Please can you withdraw my advert for 2 blue-point birman kittens as they have both been sold. Thank-you for your service. I would certainly use your facility again.

We visited the Centre in London Road, Brentford on Sunday morning which was my sons 12th birthday and there was two kittens to be homed together in one cage - a tabby long haired cat in another and Panda in another he is lovely and seemed very loving, he let Harry and James approach him, I filled out their form for a visit and expressed my interest in him and also that I would like to see Ash the one that had caught my eye on the list, that had prompted me to go there.

I got a phonecall Sunday Evening by one of their workers who was looking after Panda temporarily. After she vetted me, she thought Panda was perfect for our environment, we are delighted and have chose to pick him up Friday evening when we can spend the weekend with him settling him in (and of course give me time to buy all his new bits - goodness it will be like bringing home the baby of the family).
Hope I havent gone on too long - but we are so looking forward to having him and feel even better by the fact that he needed a home. For 40 he is a bargain.
Thanks again

Chrissie Dundon

Thank you once again for your help, we rehomed Onion, she is now called Molly and the lady saw the message here on Bella UK, so thanks to you and your GREAT service, Onion has a new home. Can you please remove the Advert.

I will chase up on Keeda today and see if we can remove her advert to.
Hold thumbs.
Lots of Love Vicky and furry creatures:)

Hooray for Bella UK

Actually just got one interested response as a result of your web ad, but that was the difference... genuine interest. Responses to other advertising attacted less genuine dog fanciers. Will use you again if I breed more Poms.  Jock - West Lothian

I'm afraid I have mislaid my reference number, however my pet was the only Irish Wolf Hound on your board. My name is Mrs C Cadden and I would like to thankyou all for your kind email regarding the rehoming of our girl. She has now found a lovely home with a good family. Could you please remove the advert ASAP and once again thankyou.

The response I received from your ad'  was in excess of 15 replies and I would recommend your site to anyone wishing to either sell or re-home their dog.

thank you for selling our puppy border collie yesterday we also made friends on the internet once again thank you keep in touch. - Sharon Hayes, West Midlands

thank you for your response we sold the puppy the next day first time caller, she has gone 160 miles away to a loving couple, not only did we sell the puppy but also made friends over the internet. thankyou. Peter March, West Midlands

Cyndi has now been re-homed - many thanks again for your help.  Keep up the good web-site.

the advert was helpful all the puppies are now sold they went as far as Wales, when I have more I will get back to you. thank you

Thank you once again  the ferret has a new good home. He will be very happy and loved which is all we want. Could you please remove add ref A0931. Thank You

Thank you very much for allowing me to advertise my horse Pandora on your web page, you will be pleased to know that due to the advert I have now found a wonderful placement for her. Should I require your assistance in the future I will certainly use your service again and I have also informed my friends of your web page. thank you once again
Just would like to thank you for advertising my German Shepherd Dog in your dogs for sale section. I am pleased to advise that he has been safely rehomed over the weekend so you can now delete my ad ref: A0888 off the site.

Thanks again for all your help and keep up the good work.

I sold my little dog and she has a very good home i think your site is brill.its no was A0835 so thanks again and i will be telling all my friends about your site. Ina Jordan

Many thanks for the advert which I placed with you earlier this month. I would like you to remove the advert from display (your reference A0101) as all of my puppies advertised have now gone to new homes. I was very pleased with the response & I will tell any friends who have puppies for sale about your advertising service. Thanks again

Many thanks for the email. I have actually had some luck with an animal welfare home local to me. I'm to become the proud new owner of a pair of young albino rats! Thank you for your time.
Thanks for the service, we have found Jack a great home. (Horse)
Very pleased with the response all cats sold. We will be back. Ref. A0797. Thanks again.
The ad on your site was a great success. I have now found a good home for my dog Molly.
Please remove this ad. I have exchanged horse privately with another owner and we're both very happy with the result. Thanks for your prompt attention and courteous service at all times.

I am sending this concerning the ad i have on your site for the british giant rescued rabbit. She has now been found a home. Please can the ad be removed. Thank you for the good service and hope to be back soon. Best wishes

first of all thanks a lot for the service you provide, with your help we could find a nice home for the iguana. we would like to ask you to cancel an ad we placed at your website in the section ''Pets for sale'' , ref.num.A0673.

Just a note to let you know that all the pups have been sold. We found lovely homes for all of them. They have been letting us know of their progress. Thanks a lot for letting me advertise with you and I do not think I will be needing your service again - one litter is more than enough!!
I am very pleased to say that my Arab mare Angel has now been sold ref. code A0519. They are very nice people and I am sure that they will give Angel a wonderful home., They came to me through your web site. Thank you very much.
thanks for the lovely reply, it is so nice to have that "personal" touch still ... even with all this technology! I have had tremendous responses from this advert and it was just such a response that spurred me into remembering to change it because someone rang me a couple of evenings ago enquiring re the white boy. Luckily he is happy to await the arrival of my next litter (although he lives in Scotland!). I hope others on your site are receiving good sales too. I am not a registered breeder (as in the local council's eyes) because I only breed one or two litters per year but I think the nice way in which you set out your adverts gives each person an equal chance of picking up sales. Most enquiries have asked if I am a kennel breeder or whether the puppies are home bred and when I tell them they are home bred it seems that this is what they are looking for. thanks again, I have passed your name to lots of people I know, unfortunately not everyone has Internet access but I think gradually this country is catching on!!!
I sold 4 of my Great Dane pups through your ad!! Many thanks - keep up the good work

I would be grateful if you could take this advert of your system ref A0091 as the pony concerned has been sold Thank you very much your site was most helpful.

Due to the phenomenal response to my recent advert, I have now found a buyer for my mare (vetting pending), and would therefore be grateful if you could now remove my ad. Thanks for your help.

Please would you remove advert A0334 as a puppy has now been found. Thank you very much, and what a good service provided.
Thank you for placing the add for Tom & Jerry on your web site, thanks to the web site we have now found a good home for them together so could you please remove the add from your site 

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