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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware of e-mail scams
If you receive emails from someone wanting to buy something from you and your price is 300 and they want to send you a cheque for 1,000 asking you to send them the change, DO NOT send them any money. This is a scam and many people have lost 1,000's, don't let it happen to you.



Crufts The World's Greatest Dog Show 2008

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105th Crufts at the NEC Birmingham

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Happy Ending
I want my Mummy & Daddy, can you help them find me?
My name is Midge and I am back with my Mummy & Daddy

Just to let you know that our Jack Russell, Midge, who was stolen with our land rover on 17 Jan has been found!  She was found today wandering in a multi-storey car park in Northampton City Centre and was taken to the local police station where she was traced back to us through her microchip.  She is fit and well and seems none the worse for her travels!

Vicki & Chris Coxon



STOLEN (now found)

DOB: 02/11/2001

Stolen from back garden in Windsor Great Park

Owner's Names: Elizabeth Moore and James Earle


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19-Jun-01 A1000

"OUR 1000th ADVERT"




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"Pet Advice Help-line" launched the Pet Advice Help-line service on the 8th June 2001. It is sponsored and powered by InfoGenie who also sponsor other types of help-line. i.e. Health, Legal,Technical Help-lines and more.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service anymore.



A Poem by Becky Colwill
Hounslow Animal Welfare Society

In the past I had a home
But now it is the streets I roam
No longer curled upon a lap
I am an independent chap

Life out there was pretty rough
And although I might look big and tough
With my broad neck and generous jowls
My day time antics and night time howls

I think that I'm misunderstood
The scurge of every neighbourhood
We're labelled rogues and romeos
When your a tom, that's how it goes

But here's the tale behind my plight
for each romance and every fight
I was put at risk you see
And caught the virus FIV

Some think I am a hopeless case
But I've not run my final race
My immunity is getting low
But I've many healthy years to go

Please give me a second glance
So that I may have the chance
To lie in the comfort of your arms
And reveal my hidden charms

If I fall ill towards the end
I will need a faithful friend
The compassion that you show me
I will repay with my loyalty



Stanwell village hall council


I am writing as vice chairperson on the Stanwell village hall council. Perhaps you may be interested in our news?

This Golden Jubilee year has seen an amazing amount of grants being awarded to our registered charity. The hall was gifted to the parish in 1935, the year in which George V celebrated his silver Jubilee. Since that time the committee has worked hard and tirelessly to maintain the standard of the hall for all users.

The latest grants received, from Spelthorne Borough Council, Surrey Voluntary services council, the Masonic Province of Middlesex Charitable trust, the National Lottery, and SITA Entrust, have enabled us to commence plans to install toilets for the disabled in our hall, a much needed addition.

We would like to express our thanks to all of these bodies for granting our applications. Without them we would be hard pushed to make many major improvements.

We are also interested in the local press covering a story concerning our youngest ever director in the local theatre group. He is just 19 years old, directing Abigail's Party at the hall in October.

Maureen Frost
01784 258958 / 07773 700840
(Should you need photos or more information, please contact me) in the local news papers

Picture from Staines & Ashford NEWS and Staines & Egham NEWS local paper
Photo courtesy of the Informer News Group

Chertsey, Addlestone & Byfleet HERALD
Part of the SURREY HERALD series, established 1892

June 15, 2000



On the web wanted list: one iguana


AN allergy to animals means that Bella Giles-Smith has to indulge her passion for pets on the Internet.

Bella set up her own animal website last year and it has proved so popular it has 200 visitors a day.

Disaster struck last year when Bella had her laptop computer containing all the site's data stolen.

Using an upgraded computer, Bella, who works for Integra Networks, of Eldridge House, Windsor Street, Chertsey, relaunched the improved site on December 1.

"At first I did not have a clue - it took me hours every day for months to put the first site together because I did not know what I was doing." said Bella.

The site has animals for sale, show dates and wanted advertisements.

The most unusual request so far has been a wanted advertisement for an iguana.

Bella contacted Yahoo after the relaunch and the company shows the site first if someone using the search engine requests animals for sale.

Though Bella has made only 40 from her site so far, she eventually hopes to sell it for several million pounds.

"I had hoped that for the first couple of years, all ads would be free but I received so many requests the only way I could cope was to charge for them," said Bella.

There is now a 5 charge for animals for sale, but charity and wanted advertisements are still free.

Bella's site can be visited at


Staines & Ashford News
Staines & Egham News



June 8, 2000

How much is that doggy in the window?Bella Giles-Smith surfs the web with Copper

ANIMAL lover Bella Giles-Smith has the perfect answer to her pet allergy - she's got her own Internet pets!

Unable to have an animal in her home because they make her sneeze, the Staines resident set up her own animal-related website.

It has already proved so popular she has recorded 2,000 visits in January, rising to 3,000 in February.  It is also the first site to be shown by web directory Yahoo in a search for any kind of animal for sale.

The site deals with everything animal related, including sales, wants and show dates, everything in fact non-human on two or four legs.  She has even had a wanted ad posted for an iguana.

Bella first put her site together last year.  "It was trial and error," she said.  "I really didn't know what I was doing.   It had a bit of everything on it.  My hobbies are horse riding, pets and ballroom dancing and really it was just like my home page.

"I got excited if I got ten visits in a week.  At first, I didn't have a clue, it took me hours every day for months to put the first site together".

At the end of the year Bella had her laptop, containing all the information, stolen, but after buying a new computer with upgraded software, launched her revamped site on December 1.

She said: "That month there were 200 visitors.  I contacted Yahoo and various other search engines and they obviously liked the site".

At first many of Bella's advertisers were friends from the Sunbury area where she does most of her horse riding, or friends at work at Integra Networks in Chertsey.  But slowly the advertisements came in from people all over the UK and some from abroad.

Puppy and kitten sales were the busiest and Bella received many congratulations from people who had successfully sold litters.

"I'd hoped that for the first couple of years that all ads would be free." said Bella.

"But I received so many requests - literally hundreds - for ads to be posted, that the only way I could cope was to charge for them."

A short while ago she asked people to pay 5 per entry for 'for sale' ads, although entries from charities, events and wanted ads are still free.

So far, Bella has made just 40 from her site, but she hopes to sell it eventually for several million pounds.

Since the above articles were published, the number of unique visitors has risen to between 350-400 per day and many more people have placed adverts with us we are heading towards 1,000 adverts. (2002) and now in 2006 we are well over 1,000 unique visitors per day.

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We would like to say Thank You to all our loyal customers, and we look forward to welcoming many more new customers. 

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