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Bird Product

Bird Cages | Canary, Finch, Budgie and Parrot Cages

Seapets UK has an extensive range of bird cages for your Canary, Finch, Budgie or Parrot. Wire and other bird cages too.

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For when best friends lose their way

LostpetsUK offer a free service and have the UK's largest database of lost and found pets

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The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Our mission is to provide guide dogs, mobility and other rehabilitation services that meet the needs of blind and partially sighted people.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association shapes its services to meet the needs of its community. Whilst guide dogs are central to our work, we also provide practical living skills training such as reading and writing as well as other forms of mobility for example long cane training - often in partnership with local authorities.

Guide Dogs funds work into ophthalmic and canine research, investing in new technology that could enhance the lives of the UK's blind and partially sighted population.

Guide Dogs is also one of the country's largest trainers of professionals working in the field of visual impairment and is one of the founder members of the International Federation of Guide Dogs Schools.

0870 600 2323*

* Calls are charged at national call rate

The Pet Friendly Travel Guide as featured by the BBC
Load up the Car

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Dog Training

The Pet People - Professional Dog and Puppy Walking, Training and Behaviour
Professional dog and puppy walking, training and behaviour
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Pet Sitters

The Pet Sitter Swap Website - Pet Sitters like you, near you

Dog Boots by Pro-Active Paws - Authentic Site

Our dogboots protect active dogs' paws against injury and harsh ground
harsh terrain

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Our dogboots protect active dogs' paws against injury and harsh ground

Our dogboots protect active dogs' paws against injury and harsh ground.



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